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Turn Back - JaeMin
The terrace was abandoned except for one lone figure. His clothes were well made and well fitted, but clearly not royal. He was leaning on the stone balustrade in the late evening light, and his voice echoed off the walls behind him, absorbed into the trees in front.
"Fly away, fly away, love
Fly away, fly away, love
Fly away, fly away, love
In the afterlife I will greet my love again…"
"That's a sad song," another voice broke the silence in the aftermath of the final note. "Did you lose someone?"
The first figure twitched slightly but made no other sign of surprise. "Yes," he said softly, "I lost someone…"
The newcomer scoffed, and the bridle in his hands jingled as he crossed his arms across his chest. The first figure — the older of the two, though slightly shorter — looked up and frowned. He took in the gold brocade on the younger man's riding jacket, the exquisite nature of his muddied boots, the distance in his averted eyes.
Cold, carefully blank eyes rose to meet his. "I
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Mature content
Going, Breaking, Stopped - KaiSoo :iconyennie-s-yennie:Yennie-s-yennie 2 0
The Space Between Our Fingers
What makes you love?
It is a beginning.
It is the loneliness of a crowd.
It is a single shadow on a green hill.
It is the glint of sun-gold.
What makes your heart?
It is the shade of these soft petals,
It is this single bloom.
It is the warm space beside me.
It is the brightness of these days.
What makes you smile?
It is the smell of these spring skies.
It is this autumn air.
It is the sound of our moment.
It is the taste of your joy.
Once again
What makes you love?

It is the complement, the puzzle piece.
It is the colour of your laugh
It is the space between our fingers
It is you.
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Shine - ZhouWook
Don't worry, you'll show them.
There's a fire in your eyes and I hope you let it burn
There's a scream in your voice and I hope you will be heard
There's a fire in your eyes and I hope you let it burn until you're heard
It was at the back of the library, where the librarians didn't really pay attention — where they couldn't hear what was going on. Zhou Mi was getting a headache deciphering the mathematical terms in his Korean textbook, scrawling the translations on the book in pencil so that he could remember them later.
The back of the library was the noisiest place.
"Sungmin, we're heading off to karaoke. Come with us!"
"Ah, okay. Wait. Are you going too, Heechul-hyung?"
"Of course I'm going."
Sungmin groaned. "Ugh, hyung, you can't even sing normally, and you'll be drunk."
He received a slap to the back of his head for his comment and Heechul scowled. "Watch it, Sungmin."
Sungmin just smiled sweetly. "Of course I'll come. Who else is going?"
"Us, Geng, Donghae, Yunho, T
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Mature content
Love You, Love You Not - ZhouTao :iconyennie-s-yennie:Yennie-s-yennie 3 0
Inexplicable - SiHae [3/3]
"I really like Siwon, Kibummie," Donghae mentioned one night as they sat out the back, drinking wine and surveying the stars. "I feel right with him. Righter than with the others."
(Kibum feels that too. Sips his wine.)
"I mean, he's lasted this long… I've stopped expecting things to go wrong."
(A memory of misery, tears on smooth cheeks, but that's over now.)
Donghae falls silent and crosses his ankles, stretching his legs out in front of him.
(Kibum holds his hand between their chairs.)
They sit in silence like that for half an hour more. Donghae tilts his head to rest his cheek on their clasped knuckles after he swirls the last of his wine in his glass and throws it down his throat.
(The evening is perfect.)
Siwon gets up before Donghae every morning without fail; he usually walks down the hall to the bathroom completely naked, offering a small smile to Kibum if they should happen to pass.
(Kibum can see that Donghae is becoming the centre of Siwon's world and he approves.)
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Mature content
Inexplicable - SiHae [2/3] :iconyennie-s-yennie:Yennie-s-yennie 1 0
Inexplicable - SiHae [1/3]
"I don't understand," Kyuhyun says, and there's a hint of anger in his voice as he frowns thoughtfully, "exactly what to do around him."
(No one understands, he thinks, and yet you understand well enough to say these words while I'm right here.)
Donghae frowns. "What do you mean?"
"What is he to you?"
Donghae's head falls slightly to the side. "I don't understand what you're asking."
Kyuhyun runs a hand through his hair in frustration and glances over at him, where he is calmly regarding the TV without paying either of them any attention. His frown deepens. "It's weird, Donghae."
(Weird: something supernatural, uncanny, strange or bizarre…)
"What's weird?" Donghae tries, sounding utterly confused. Kyuhyun shakes his head.
"I can't be here, Donghae," he sighs. "Not while he's around. It makes me uncomfortable. I don't understand how he doesn't creep you out."
"That's why you're leaving me?"
"Partly. Partly because you don't understand how that bot
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Yin and Yang - KyuHyuk
1. Yin: Darkness, night-time, cold.
It was three in the morning and Kyuhyun had yet to go to bed. His shoulders and hands were cold, and there was a blanket over his lap, but he didn't have the will to do anything about it, his entire being focused on his Starcraft game. The only light in the room was his computer screen, which seemed blinding in the darkness to Hyukjae's freshly-woken eyes.
"Kyu, what time is it?"
"No idea."
"Ugh," Hyukjae rolled over, pulled the pillow over his head and went back to sleep.
Yang: Brightness, day-time, hot.
Hyukjae woke up early, as he usually did in summer, and carefully got out of bed so as not to wake the sleeping Kyuhyun, who had spent the entire night with his stupid computer games, as he always did in summer. He showered, dressed and left, leaving a note on the nightstand:
Dancing — be back later. Don't sleep too long!
He spun, he dropped, his limbs moved in sharp, accurate synchrony. Dance was his
:iconyennie-s-yennie:Yennie-s-yennie 6 0
Variables - EunHae
Hyukjae knows himself well. Too well, sometimes; sometimes he wishes that he didn't, because he hates how he knows that he will never have the courage to speak his mind. He knows that he will never be able to go up and touch that perfect skin, look into those shining eyes, smile back at those perfect teeth or press his lips to that perfect clavicle. He knows himself, so he knows that no matter how much he wants to move, he'll just stand here and watch while everyone else has about fifty times more of a chance than he does.
He knows that Donghae will never be his.
"Never" is too strong a word, Hyukjae realizes, when there are unknowns; when there is more than one variable in the equation. Donghae's eyes are full of purpose as he briskly crosses the room towards him.
And he is very, very lucky, Hyukjae thinks — plays with the hair of the sleeping, snoring, Donghae beside him — that Donghae knows what he wants and what he has to do to get it.
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Beautiful Stranger - HenHae
The violinist set his case down and flicked open the clasps, quickly but carefully withdrawing the wooden masterpiece inside. The instrument was still, even after all these years, something precious to him; but his hands were used to its every curve, so there was no need for him to slow down as he picked it up, prepared the bow, tuned the strings and raised it to his shoulder. He began to play, lighthearted fast-paced songs that fit the Spring mood, bobbing his head and the neck of his violin at the people who stopped to throw coins into his open violin case.
The dancer listened from the shop door every time there were no customers requiring his attention. He leaned against the doorframe, smiling as the music washed over him, watching the vibration of the violin strings, the flutter of the player's eyelashes and the unconscious pout of concentration that appeared whenever his fingers strayed so far up the neck of the instrument that they almost brushed his bangs. There was a light flus
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Super Junior Laughs by Yennie-s-yennie Super Junior Laughs :iconyennie-s-yennie:Yennie-s-yennie 46 26 ID 3 by Yennie-s-yennie ID 3 :iconyennie-s-yennie:Yennie-s-yennie 1 3
Fake but Fighting
At first, it's exciting.
You've been in training for years. Years and years. You've worked so hard for this, your dream, your parents' dream, it doesn't matter, it's all you've been aiming for and it's finally happening, debut, such a magical word. You might not be put with all your friends, but that's okay, you can't have everything, and besides, the group will become your friends. They'll be like your family, as close as all the bands that debuted before you.
It's exciting.
"We're finally going to debut!"
Have a few drinks. Party. Celebrate. Gush. Sure.
Then it's terrifying.
Officially the biggest boy band, twelve members, you need to be perfect to get noticed. There's so much charisma in these boy-men, how are you going to make your mark? You're going to be on stage, there's going to be so many people watching your every move on high-def cameras right in your face, the audience might just be a dark blur but they can see the drops of sweat on your brow, you know because
:iconyennie-s-yennie:Yennie-s-yennie 10 5
Our game, our rules by Yennie-s-yennie Our game, our rules :iconyennie-s-yennie:Yennie-s-yennie 2 0 When are you coming home? by Yennie-s-yennie When are you coming home? :iconyennie-s-yennie:Yennie-s-yennie 3 1


Luhan x Kai by lastfera Luhan x Kai :iconlastfera:lastfera 15 3
Zelo/Henry Drabble: Simply What Now?
Henry stared at the body under his, panting heavily. Blood of his now deceased opponent had splattered on his torn clothes, making some spots damp, and on his calloused hands, the liquid warm against his skin.
He had done it again, and he had survived again, bringing momentary peace and safety to Zelo and himself again. That's all he wanted now; peace. How could he have been so stupid that he'd volunteer to play these horrid Games? Just exactly what was he thinking?
Of course, before, he didn't know love, and didn't feel the need to stay back there, in his district, in his village. And if he hadn't volunteered, he wouldn't have met Zelo anyway.
Henry pulled the dagger out of the corpse's chest, the blade making a sickening sound as it left the flesh, the muscles. The chubby cheeked teenager winced at the sound, then carefully wiped his precious blade on the hem of his shirt, standing back up.
"Zelo?" he called, nervously looking around for the blonde head he was desperate to see. He ha
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SNSD - Funny/Cute Blow Up Gif by Sooyoungster SNSD - Funny/Cute Blow Up Gif :iconsooyoungster:Sooyoungster 51 8 JohnnyP with puppy 3 by khavi JohnnyP with puppy 3 :iconkhavi:khavi 3,347 687
ChangKyu: Play Pretend
For a moment he wondered why Kyuhyun had invited him to come along to the pub. It was obvious that the older male had only eyes for Changmin, chatting only with him, smiling only at him and leaving Minho in silence like the third wheel he knew he was. Aah, really, was he just here to make it seem like a casual get-together? Minho wondered if he should just leave, there was no point in sitting at the table looking as bored as he felt.
Luckily there was alcohol, beer kept him occupied as he eyed both men. There was a rosy colour on Kyuhyun's cheeks that couldn't be from the cold wind, because they have been inside for about an hour now. It was Changmin's doing, most likely, because whenever Changmin smiled and fumbled with his glass Kyuhyun's eyes darted to his lips. It didn't take a genius – though Minho is exceptionally smart, mhm – to understand what the Super Junior vocalist was thinking about as his stare lingered and his tongue tried to moisten his chapped lips.
Chapped l
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You Know The Girls 1280 x 800 by milkystepsx3 You Know The Girls 1280 x 800 :iconmilkystepsx3:milkystepsx3 71 19 Un13elieva13le by starfireflandre Un13elieva13le :iconstarfireflandre:starfireflandre 16 18 Kpop: Lee Blondes by Fiveonthe Kpop: Lee Blondes :iconfiveonthe:Fiveonthe 312 101 sweet dessert by Nenke sweet dessert :iconnenke:Nenke 116 13 HenMi at SS4 by Jean-chan HenMi at SS4 :iconjean-chan:Jean-chan 58 18
SiBum: Claim It
It was nearly Christmas and all the students were excited though anxious. Midterms were almost over, the end of their torture was in sight. Hours of studying, nervously gripping the pen as it hover over blank papers, eyes darting up to check how much time they had left to get a grade high enough so the teacher of their parents wouldn't scold them.
Amongst the shifting, sighing and groaning students was one who didn't appear troubled at all. His hand moved as if on its own, scribbling answers with such detail he was certain to get those bonus points as well, like he always did. Not even an hour after they started, he placed his pen on his desk, removed his glasses and cleaned them with his handkerchief. There was a satisfied smile ghosting on his lips, a sign he was confident to be top of the class.
The bell rang and while many whined that they needed more time, the one who had been patiently waiting stood and gave their teacher his paper, bowing and wishing him goodbye with a deep voic
:iconlilviscious:Lilviscious 18 10
Like an artist by JellyVampire Like an artist :iconjellyvampire:JellyVampire 55,388 6,655
Sleepless Nights - KyuMin
Kyuhyun clutches the phone to his ear, letting the soft voice roll over him and relax his stiff muscles. Every bone in his body is aching to run downstairs, and he wants to scream but sound can't make it past his throat. The only thing keeping him grounded is Sungmin, whispering into his ear through the telephone.
"Kyuhyun, it's not your fault. Shh, I know it feels that way. But listen to me, okay? Kyu. None of this is your fault. It's their choices, their problems, and none of it was ever you."
The young boy repeats this message to himself, tries to wrap his mind around it. He's shaking under the covers and pressing his tearstained cheek into the sheets. The bed is safe, the bed is warm, but the bed doesn't block out the screaming. His door is closed but it could be wide open for all it does to keep the noises from reaching Kyuhyun's ears. He's sure Sungmin can hear the voices in the backroom, they're that loud.
He licks his lips and grips his pillow tighter to his chest. "It's not my
:iconmissjocoral:missjocoral 22 21
Mature content
Scars - ZhouWook :iconmissjocoral:missjocoral 10 25
Mature content
Dressing Down - KyuMin :iconmissjocoral:missjocoral 22 58
Kibum+Ryeowook: Overworked
It was usually like this, there hadn't been a time when it was different.
Kim Kibum stepped forward and grabbed his master's arm, pulling him away and snapping his head to the right where the bullet had come from. With narrowed eyes he determined the sniper's position and reached for the device in his ear, muttering commands. He'd gladly go after the armed coward himself, but he had a more important job.
"Follow me, Master." His low voice sounded stern and calm even if the man who he had to protect was panting with wide eyes as they ran to their scheduled destination.
They made it into the studio safe and sound, and Kibum pulled down one of the blinds to stare outside. He watched as a few of his men rushed by, all dressed in black suits much like his own. There was no doubt in his mind that they'd catch him and with that reassurance the bodyguard turned to his master with a small sigh.
"Someone leaked the schedule." He muttered angrily at the one who tried to calm his breathing while s
:iconlilviscious:Lilviscious 11 4


I said it

Our school had a pool day.
On valentines day.
Yay for skipping.
  • Listening to: All The Things She Said - t.A.T.u


Artist | Literature
Name: Yenyen, Syenya, Yennie, etc...
Age: Guesses have ranged from 13 to 22... XP
Gender: Female
I'm a rabid, lesbian, fangirlismiscizing fangirl~ This is my lit account =D
Most of it will be SuJu. There is some SNSD and SHINee in there too... sometimes... XD

Current Residence:
Favourite genre of music: Anything... 8D



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